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Things To Know Before Buying a Plot


Things To Know Before Buying a Plot

Buying a dreamy home is a dream come true for many people, but there's always a dilemma when choosing between a residential plot or a gated apartment. Considering all factors, buying a plot area is a better investment option with its high resale value. When investing in real estate, a Plot is the highly preferred form of property on good returns on investment. So, it's more vital to understand the points to check before buying a plot of land. It has been a well-known point that plots score higher than other property in terms of returns. Plot investments are very capital intensive, and any mistakes created throughout the method will cause serious problem for the customer when not considering the points to check before purchasing a plot. With right legal advice, proper documents, and verification of relevant property information, every buyer invests and brings calmness in mind and a sense of security.

Purchasing a plot offers good returns as compared to commercial properties. Provided that there is good consideration of the critical factors that govern the price appreciation of the plot. However, there are many challenges in plot investment. Some of them include longer investment horizons, liquidity risks, title clearances, and encroachment disputes. But these are manageable with a good investment strategy. The right approach is to know everything beforehand and be prepared to counter these challenges effectively in the later stages. There are many things you must keep in mind before purchasing a plot:


This is an important reason when you decide to purchase a plot. It must be easily accessible to the famous areas of the city. Make sure you don't get attracted by cheap deals at faraway locations. Location is a good factor in getting great returns on your investment. You must confirm the location of the Plot by considering its closeness to the vital areas inside the town. Don't get attracted by less-priced land in remote areas with the smallest amount of development. Ensure you do not get the Plot by low-cost deals at remote locations on things to check before buying a plot. This is a good reason before you buy a plot. The location could be a severe issue once it obtains excellent returns on your investment. Location viability is essential for better Returns on realty investment. Besides, the right location from the investment standpoint is where there is enormous scope for growth. Investments in the fully developed or established localities either pick out or remain constant. Therefore, while investing in Plots, consider the locations which are swiftly developing or at the earliest phase of the growth. This will allow you to purchase the plots at a comparatively lower price, and the costs will appreciate with upcoming developments.

Value of the Plot

Don't rush and buy a plot in hurry, even if the deal seems excellent. It is advised to spend some time researching the price of land and other pros before buying it. You can also consult a good real estate agent to help you in this task to make a good decision.

Plot Area

In case you decide to construct house, the area or size of the residential Plot is a vital factor when it comes to finalizing that decision about your dream home. Check the built-up area you need to build that home and the terrain and loam. Most of all, it is always good to be safe than sorry.

Real Estate developer verification

Occasionally, you listen that a plot of land is under litigation or is embroiled in some issues. Therefore, it is essentially suggested to cross-verify the builder. You must verify their previous and current projects or post your queries on online portals. This is what will give you a correct idea of the developer's credibility.

Title deed verification

The title Deed indicates the legal ownership of the land. It is one of the essential documents that you need to review while buying a plot. Also, rightly check whether the title deed is stamped and registered at the registrar. Checking if the seller has a right over the property is essential. The first step is to check the title deed of the plot you will buy. Make sure you confirm the seller's name and that the full right to sell off the plot lies with builder and no one else.

Important approvals by the local body

The local government body must approve the Plot. The permission suggests that the Plot does not come into the government master plans and can be owned privately. Make sure the Plot has been approved by the Town Development Corporation and the local authority. Check for the essential approval documents and just make sure a lawyer verifies them. If it's a large land where the developer plans to further develop the land, ensure that the developing permission and building approval has been attained from the local authorities.

Benefits Of Investments in Plots

Higher returns, flexibility, and low taxes are key benefits of investing in plots. Investment in the plots yields higher returns for long-term. Purchasing land gives you flexibility in using the space per certain investment goals. Commercial, Residential, or Industrial structures can be built, sold, or rented out. The economic and commercial corridors can yield higher returns. There's almost no maintenance cost. However, all the realty investment factors should be considered to realize these benefits. This includes a complete study of the locations, upcoming infrastructure projects, connectedness, market price trends, etc.

Tata Carnatica

Tata Carnatica

If you want to invest in a plot in Bangalore, you can check Tata Carnatica Tata Carnatica is a beautiful futuristic township mixed development project by TATA HOUSING located in Devanahalli, North Bangalore. TATA CARNATICA consists of residential plots, apartments, and retail areas spread over 150 acres of land. The name of the project is motivated by Carnatic music, and the Project is named as carnatica. This development's area of 100 acres is kept for residential development, with 50 acres earmarked for commercial development. The plotted story- "Swaram," will be situated across 14 acres, and premium apartments will be built across 85 acres. This agile development is the hottest residential destination in Bangalore today, and the demand for plot here is skyrocketing.

Tata One Bangalore Luxury

Tata One Bangalore Luxury

Tata One Bangalore Luxury is a vast township project with 140 acres of land parcel by Tata Housing at Devanahalli, North Bangalore. As with any other township, this eminent project also has various housing segments like villas, plots and apartments, hospitals, schools and commercial space for businesses. There are 12+ rich amenities in the project. Tata One Bangalore looks stunning, with 11.2 acres of pre-engineered stories called Tata Swaram in the same community. The plot size ranges between 1100sqft to 2200sqft. This beautiful luxurious township is just 7kms from BIAL. The project's price is also fantastic for home buyers and investors in the city.

The Tata One location is superior as the BIAL is present. Due to this, the connectivity and infrastructure are at par. We can relish the excellence of this area as there are many current and proposed IT and other industries present in the area

Tata Swaram

Tata Swaram

Tata Swaram is a plotted development with 11.2 acres of pre-engineered plots. It is an upcoming development within the Tata Carnatica township, a 140 acres widespread.

The inspiration for the classic name Tata Swaram is from Carnatic music. There are plenty of world-class amenities like a Badminton Court, Outdoor Swimming Pool, Party Hall, convenience store, Indoor Gym. Tata Swaram is at Shettigere Road, Devanahalli. The BIAL is just 7kms from the locality.

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